1.        Trinity cathedral (1422-1423) Holy Spirit Church (1476-77).

2.        Assumption Cathedral (1559-85).

3.        Monastery walls (16th-17th centuries).

4.        Pyatnitskaya Tower (1640).

5.        Beautiful Tower (16th-19th centuries).

6.        Assumption gate (17th century). Entrance to the Monastery and museums

7.        Drying Tower (16th-17th centuries).

8.        Duck Tower (17th century).

9.        Ringing Tower (16th-17th centuries).

10.     Salt Tower, lower tier (16th century).

11.     Pilgrim Tower (1758-1778)

12.     Carpenter Tower (17th century).

13.     Cellarer Tower (1642-1849).

14.     Beer Tower (16th-17th centuries).

15.     Water Tower (17th century).

16.     Water Gate (16th-17th centuries).

17.     Onion Tower (16th-17th centuries).

18.     Metropolitan's Palace (16th-18th centuries).

19.     Treasury Building (16th-19th centuries): housing the exhibitions of Early Russian Art, Russian Art of the 18th to Early 20th Centuries, Russian Folk Art of the 18th to Early 20th  Centuries, and Exhibition of Decorative and Applied Art.

20.     Infirmary with the Church of Saints Zosima and Savvaty (1635-37): housing the exhibitions of The History of the Trinity Monastery of St. Sergius, the Necropolis of the Trinity Monastery of St. Sergius, and The Architectural Ensemble and its Restoration. Inner courtyard between fortified wall and Infirmary

21.     Refectory with the Church of St.Sergius (1686-92)

22.     Tsar's Palace (late 17th century). Detail of the facade

23.     Chapel-over-the Well (late 17th century).

24.     Gateway Church of St.John the Baptist (1693-99).

25.     Church of St.Micah (1734).

26.     Church of the Virgin of Smolensk (1745-48).

27.     Bell Tower (1740-70)

28.     Godunov family mausoleum (1780).

29.     Sacristy (1780): housing the exhibitions of Early Russian Applied Art.

30.     Obelisk (1792).

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