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Born.                24.01.50 in Bergen, Norway

Married             30.05.73  -  Torunn, b. Gran

Father of:          Asgeir (b. 1976), Vebjørn (b. 1978), Eivor (b. 1987).

Domicile           Slemmestad, Akershus.

Key skills:

bulletWide range of experience from civil service. Knowledge of administration, law, economy, staff management and IT.
bullet Wide range of experience in counseling to people in various situation and life crises.
bullet Long and varied experience in teaching in various topics and levels.
bullet Experience in cooperation with a wide range of professions, in both public and private sectors.
bullet Highly skilled on IT, both as user and as programmer.
bullet Outward-looking, service minded and flexible with good abilities on communication and cooperation.
bullet Independent; able both to make decisions and to delegate tasks.
bullet Solution-orientated and systematic; not afraid of going new ways in order to find solutions.
bullet Multilingual; able to express myself both spoken and written in several languages.
bullet Eager to learn; easily making myself familiar with new situations and new professional areas.

Work experience: 



Position / Tasks

2014 – 2017

The Norwegian Church for the Deaf, the Church Warden's administation (national) IT adviser, first line support, web master, sub editor.
   2008 – today IVSS-Churchear Secretary

2007 – 2014

The Norwegian Church for the Deaf, The Oslo Congregation Deputy CEO. Web designer. IT consultant.

2006 – 2019

Luther Forlag (Luther Publishers)

Sub-editor for The Lutheran Church Times (bi-weekly)

Autumn 2005

AOF Telemark and Vestfold

Teacher: European Computing Driving Licence and Basic Computing

Autumn 2004

The Norwegian Church for the Deaf, East Norwegian District

Consultant on administration and employee training (IT and administration).

2003 – 2018

-eBe- Data

Consulting, database development, web design, administration, translation, interpreting.

2000 – today

The Nordic Catholic Church

IT consultant, managers of the church records system. Clerical services. From 2022 web master as well.

1998 – 2003


System Consultant, programmer: Cobol for mainframe computers and Access/VBA for PCs.

1996, 1998, 2000, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2022

IVSS-Churchear (The Internasjonal Federation for Pastoral Care among Hard of Hearing) Translator and interpreter at the biennial International Conferences (There were no conferences in 2010 and 2020).

1986 – 1998

Tunsberg Diocese of The Church of Norway

Resident chaplain in Larvik, deputy for the Dean (director on regional level). Various tasks at regional level (administration, human resources management) and international level (observer, representation, translator, interpreter, host for foreign guests). Responsible for IT (Adviser for acquisitions and setup of PCs.).

Autumn 1984

Ålesund General Hospital

Hospital chaplain

1976 – 1986

Bjørgvin (Møre) Diocese of The Church of Norway

Chaplain in Vatne (Haram). Ordinary pastoral duties in close cooperation with the district physician in treatment of psychiatric patients.

1976 (01 - 07)

Borg, Oslo and Nord-Hålogaland Dioceses of The Church of Norway

Temporary pastoral assignments.

1967 – 1974

Various employers

Weekend and holiday employments as taxi driver, security guard at hotels, lorry driver, night steward (order and security) onboard passenger vessels in international traffic.

 Formal education:



Designation /education


Lovisenberg Diakonale Senter (Lovisenberg Diaconal Centre), Oslo

Pastoral clinical training (based on Transactional Analysis [TA])

1974 – 1975

Det teologiske Menighetsfakultetet (The Free Theological Faculty)

Practical theological seminary training (including psychology and pastoral care for individuals)

1969 – 1974

Det teologiske Menighetsfakultetet (The Free Theological Faculty)

Cand. theol. (equivalent to Bachelor of Theology)

Other education:



2006 (21.04)

"Graduated worth - Concequenses of modern biotechnology" - Professional training recognised by The Norwegian association of Physicians and The Norwegian Nurses' Association.

2006 (02 - 03)

ECDL Expert level – 1 module (Excel).

2004 (05 - 06)

ECDL Expert level – 2 modules (Word and Access).

1998 – 2003

Various training courses given by employer


Introduction to Health, Environment and Security, The municipal health board of Larvik

1993 – 2003

Sign language education for parents with hearing impaired or deaf children; annually two one-week long courses given by the Ministry for Health and Social Care and The Competence Centres for the hearing impaired and the deaf.

1976 – 1998

Various post-educational training given by employer and/or Den norske Kirkes Presteforening (The Norwegian Priests’ Association)





2016 today

Ødegårdsskogen Road administration Chairman

2008 today


Board member

2000 – 2004

Vestfold og Grenland Stamkundelag  (Commuters’ Association)


1996 – 1998

Sem school for hearing impaired children

Member of the parents’ board and the school’s administrative board.

1991 2008

Joint venture rental property: Bekkelivn. 5, Slemmestad, Norway

Accountant (The joint venture ended November the 1st 2008 when the property was sold.)

1990 – 1998

Larvik prostilag av Presteforeningen (Local branch of The Pastors’ Association)

Board member, Chairman since 1992

1982 – 1984

Nordre Sunnmøre Prostilag av Presteforeningen (Local branch of The Pastors’ Association)

Board member





English / German


Fluent, experienced translator, interpreter and lecturer

Danish / Swedish

S/R Fluent, experienced translator, interpreter and lecturer

French / Spanish / Dutch


Sufficient for tourism, daily life, simple translation, some experience as interpreter

Russian / Italian


Sufficient for tourism



Examples of a text translated into English and German Ý


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