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Welcome to my web site

My name is Eyolf Berg, and I was born in Bergen on the Norwegian west coast in 1950. In 1973 I married Torunn, and we have three children, Asgeir (b. 1976), Vebjørn (b. 1978) and Eivor (b. 1987). After ten years in Brattvåg by Ålesund on the north-west coast of Norway we lived in Larvik by the Oslo Fjord from 1986 until 2014 when we moved to Slemmestad, where our eldest son lives as well.

On the 26th of January 2008 a new era began: The first grandchild was born. Right now we have six, four boys and two girls.

With 23 years of experience in the Civil Service and more than 20 years from IT, I consider myself highly skilled on administration, law, economy, staff management and IT.

Until 1998 I deputised for the Dean of Larvik (regional director), with a wide range of administative responsibility. In this function I excercised personal management for a staff of  about 20 employees. In cooperation with the Dean and as head of the local pastors' union I was also responsible for planning and accomplishment of the post educational training of the local pastors.   

I have gained experience from various tasks abroad. In 1989 I was sent to East Germany as an observer, and I have participated in a number of international conferences. I have contributed to these as translator and interpreter, between the Scandinavian languages and English and German - or between the latter two. 

In 1998 I accepted an offer to work as computer programmer in a company then known as  Provida, later TietoEnator, and I worked there until autumn 2003. thereafter I have run a small enterprice called -eBe- Data having its main focus on linguistic services. At present I am working for IVSS Churchear as their secretary. For other skills and experience I refer to my CV.

However, a great number of you visiting this site, don't do it for learning about my family or my professionla carreer. You are rather searching for my Railway Picture Gallery. I'm proud to say that it is one of Norway's largest and most wide ranging of its kind, and I am very pleased that so many visitors, Norwegian and foreigners as well, find such a great interest in my pictures. Most text in the gallery is in Norwegian, but some is translated into English, and designations and places are understandable in most languages. The braver ones of you may perhaps want to take a look at other pages as well. Don't let the language scare you. Many web readers today offer translations into English - and who knows? You might find things interesting!


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